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How it works

New innovation of dietary supplement for the better health. With combination of multivitamins, mineral, amino acid, and other 50 nutrients, vitalized with Phytomolecule, helps restoring strength, prevent stress out and fatigue, and strengthen cell immune system.

3 Reasons of body cells weakness


Lack of nutrients

Such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, obstructing body cell in energy generation. This is why the body get tired easily.


Intracellular factors/span>

Stress creates free radicals, causing abnormal cells and possibility of cancerous cells.


Extracellular factors

Germs, toxic substances, free radicals, externa contaminants. These factors cause body cell damage, allergies, infection, and dead cells.

To prevent your body from 3 causes of cell weakness, you should obtain enough nutrients. When body cells is healthy, they can perfectly machine, which is the basic of being healthy. “healthy cells, strong body”.


Ingredients Warning!


Multivitamins plus minerals, amino acid

recharge energy, fulfills nutrients to body cells, complete metabolism mechanism, repair directly to deteriorated cells, freshen up your body and keep balance daily activities.


SOD Plus Coenzyme Q10

helps release stress that cause cells degeneration, aging. It also prolong cells’ lifetime and retard various organs degeneration.


Chlorella Plus Shitake

enhances natural immune system where your body is protected and restored from sepsis or malfunction which may cause tumors and cancers.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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