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How it works

Indian gooseberry extract powder drink (Super Sugar Cut Drink) cut sugar, cut fat, prolong lifetime. There are, nowadays, more researches on Indian gooseberry extract to obtain concentrated ingredient in form of Indian gooseberry extract powder drink. It emphasis on controlling sugar level, cholesterol, and has been developed to reach higher benefits than

Product Details Warning!


Selective original Indian vegetation

GMOs Free, no pesticides and allergenic gluten. 100% high temperature watered extracted, awarded 8 patented certificates, USA production control standard.


Indian Gooseberry

Powder Extracts, enriched in active ingredients with 20 times more concentrated than other gooseberry powders, which uses 20 kg of gooseberry to get 1 kg of powder extract.


Active Ingredients enrichment

Especially high quantity of tannins. Benefits to sugar and cholesterol controls.


Decrease Blood Sugar

Research on blood sugar and cholesterol shows the efficiency of decreasing 22 % blood sugar within 2 hours after meal.


Sugar Free

by choosing sugar substitute called Isomaltulose and Erythritol which is safe and suitable for those who wants to control blood sugar.


Tasty and easy absorb

rich in taste, easy to dissolve, adding honey and natural lemon for better taste and scent.

Research on Indian Gooseberry extract powder shows decreased
blood sugar and cholesterol.

These are results of serving volunteers 1,000 mg of Indian Gooseberry extract powder or 2 sachets per day:


Blood sugar level down up to 22 % within 2 hours after meal.

Testing with 5 healthy volunteers taking blood sugar test using needle lancet after drink Indian Gooseberry powder after eating 584 Kcal (91g carb, 60g sugar), compared with those who doesn’t drink, the result shows that 4 of 5 volunteers has 22 % decreasing blood sugar level.


Blood sugar level is % within 1 decreased up to 1 month

after testing with 33 volunteers. Average sugar level (HbA1c) was decreased 5% and 15% the highest within 1 month (from 5.78 % to 5.51%)


77% increased good fat, cholesterol, HDL within 1 month

testing with 33 volunteers within 1 month, found that average HDL was increased 7% and up to 77%.


Decrease Triglyceride for 24 % and 25% for LDL cholesterol within 3 months

testing with 80 volunteers for the period of 12 weeks. Triglyceride index was decreased 24% and LDL cholesterol LDL was 25% decreased.

They also found that 33 volunteers who drink Indian Gooseberry Powder 1,000 mg or 2 sachets per day have cleaner vascular,
get fresher less tired, better sleep and better metabolic system.

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