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How it works

Regular calcium supplement concentrated on calcium from limestone. Beyonde Algae Calcium-D is a unique dietary supplement by extracted from Red Algae, and producing with technology called “Calcium Pro-absorption”. This technology combines nutrient ingredients which are calcium from Red Algae, chicory fiber, and vitamin D3 , to adjust gastrointestinal system to absorb calcium more effectively.

Ingredients Warning!


Calcium from Red Algae

Natural plant-based calcium, Auamin brand from Ireland, contains 250 mg of Bioactive calcium, which is easy absorbed. It helps building strong bones and teeth. It also contains magnesium, and other 72 minerals that enhance the effectiveness of calcium.


Chicory Fiber

provides inulin and fructo-oligofructose. This fiber is water soluble, adjust gastrointestinal system, improves better and faster calcium absorption into body. Usually, calcium is absorbed very less at colon, effects insufficient calcium. Chicory Fiber helps the colon to absorb calcium more efficiently, from cecum to distal colon.


Vitamin D3

is an essential vitamin that supports calcium absorption for the bones, keep balance calcium. It protects against osteoporosis and enhances stronger muscle function as well.


Orange powder

from sweet orange planted in South America, adding orange flavor for the better taste and easy to drink.


Beta Carotene

Natural orange color added for interesting color and tasty look. It also provides vitamin A international units for eye care.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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