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How it works

Aviance Skinmune is a synergy of C2G and Microbiome Technologes. It combines vitamins B3 , C&E, which known for skin brightening and antioxidant benefits.

What is Microbiome?

Microbiome is a group of probiotic that inhabit in our skin. It has a unique characters on each part of body skin.

What is aviance’s “microbiome technology”?



to feed health microorganisms on skin surface



nutrient produced from health microorganinisms, to enhance a good environment for probiotic on healthy skin, keeping balanced microbiome that strengthen your skin immune.

Function of Microbiome: enhance skin’s immunity, total protect skin.

A perfect probiotic microorganism makes a perfect Microbiome. It acts as a barrier to enhance skin immunity. Probiotic microorganism protects skin against germ, unnoticeable objects, and pollution, and diminish skin irritation, inflammation, and acne.


Skin with a complete microbiome


Skin that exceeds the microbiome, the skin is weak. imitating cheap water from artificial things

Factors of Microbiome imbalance

Older age ( Younger skin age has healthier Microbiome). Contacting UV, pollution, wearing mask too long, greasy and salty food, antibiotics, chemicals, alkaline soap, etc. These are the factor that weaken skin immunity, disturbing skin layers, dehydrated, and other skin problems.

Consequences of Imbalanced Microbiome


Weakened skin protection


Lower skin immunity, easier skin irritation and sensitivity to germ


More skin sensitivity, such as dry skin, weak skin, rash, dehydrated


Causes of more acne problem, healed wounds, premature wrinkle, dull skin, spotted skin.

“A new approach to comprehensive skin care. Therefore, there are both promoting healthy skin with nourishing nutrients. together with promoting the balance of the microbiome to strengthen the immune system as well.”

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