Why ULife
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ULife is premium health
and beauty products business.

The business utilizes the Entrepreneurial LIFE Platform to connect to Business Partners and our holistic advanced support tools, without having to invest personally. Moreover, the business can be managed and marketed via social media, offering a more convenient, fast, and easy-to-use way that aligns with the current digital lifestyle.

Not only do we design a platform that allows you to make unlimited income, but ULife is also focused on researching and developing high-performance health and beauty products

that meet the needs of our consumers to enhance their daily lives with our 4 quality products:

If you’re looking for an extra income or want to become a business owner, let’s get to know each other more!
And if you’re interested in registering as our business partner



Dietary supplements that ensure a life-long health


Personal Care product that enhances your beauty from head to toe


Oral care products that take care of your teeth and oral health

Happie Homie

Concentrated household care products. High efficiency, cost effective, safe, environment friendly.

Start anytime, easy, and convenient!

On a platform designed with flexibility that supports all forms of lifestyles. You can manage your business from anywhere, anytime at your most convenience.


The 6 Benefits
that we want you to know!


Confident with globally accepted brands and quality products

ULife loves to provide consumers with a great experience by enhancing health, ensuring confidence, and creating satisfying results with our health and beauty products. We select the finest ingredients from all over the world, combine leading innovations, and certify better results with the clinical trial. Utmost, we reduce the impact on the environment at every step of our operation to deliver a brighter world for the future generations.


Shop for a 10% discount

Brand Fan members save 10% off the usual price for all health and beauty products, from health drinks, supplements, skincare, or oral care products and enjoy promotions each month. For Brand Fan members only, you’ll receive a personal promo code to enjoy discounts and various special offers.


Easy and complete with an independent lifestyle platform

A platform that covers both online and offline operating systems. Aligning with the online lifestyle of shoppers and Business Partners, which makes it easier to shop. Running ULife business is convenient from anywhere and anytime. The holistic platform allows you to manage everything in one place, including inventory, delivery to customers across the nation, accounting systems, and customer services. The best part is you don’t have to invest any money in this holistic operating system.


Make a second income easily through social media and online platforms

No matter if you are a student, housewives, online sellers, or full-time employees, you can easily make a second income by simply turning your social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Line, into a living room. Posting real experiences or sharing product reviews. ULife has a library of clips and reviews of products you can share.


Create millions from hundreds and further pass the business to your child

ULife is like a trampoline that helps you jump forward faster and become an independent business owner with an initial investment of 3 figures. Get started by joining our Business Partner and manage the business via the Entrepreneurial LIFE Platform. Enjoying satisfying rewards of unlimited income, traveling, learning courses, and good friendships. We want you to earn the maximum income while living your life to the fullest in every dimension.


Receive supports from an experienced business coach and get 360-degree learning courses

No business experience is required. Everyone can start ULife business right away because we have a business coach to advise and guide you along your business journey. Also, we have a wide range of offline and online learning courses at ULife Learning Studio to unlock your potential. At ULife, we do not seek only to increase your income, but also to transform your life the way you want it to be.

Business Partner
& Brand Fan

You can join ULife’s warm society with the member type you prefer. Either it’s a shopping-focused, where you can buy our premium products to take care of yourself and your family, or business-focused, where you focus on building an independent business that provides sustainable income for a better life for you and your family. Just feel free to choose the one that’s right for you.

Business Partner (BP) Free membership fee of 600 baht
when joining the Subscription program.

For those who want to make extra money or become business owner
through ULife platform

Benefits for Business Partner

Get bonus cash from building
Business Partner team

Connect to ULife business
platform, including offline
and online


Get morn than 30% off the usual
price of all products

Receive many other
life rewards

Get bonus cash from building
customers who use our products

Receive travel rewards to other
countries with your family

Offer a wide range of offline and online learning courses at ULife Learning Studio to unlock your potential

Brand Fan (BF)Free! no registration fee*

For those who like ULife products to take care of them and their family
*When purchasing a ULife product with a promo code from a referrer

Benefits for Brand Fan


Get a personal lifelong
Promo Code**


Get 10% off the usual
price of all products

**There must be product purchase at least once in 1 Month.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

  • 10% discount on regularly priced product items
  • VIP Special Discount more than 30% all orders
  • International trips
  • Domestic seminar
  • Special Discount (OnTop) from regular price
  • Entitlement to training
    workshops of your choice
  • Accumulate and redeem products
Brand Fan BF
Business Partner BP

ULife offers premium
health and beauty products

that are researched and developed by ULife Product Research and Development Center. Guaranteeing quality and innovation with awards from institutions.
You can count on the quality, safety, and product results that meet the needs of long-living health, making you look good and feel good every day.

The Heart of ULife’s Products



Be confident in our safety because we care about the ingredient selection that must not contain chemical residues, high standard production process, creating easy-to-use packaging design, and ensuring safety during product use.



Meticulously select high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources across the world. We seek the best formulation that is verified and accepted globally to achieve exclusive ingredients and formulation to deliver superior results.



Offer a fascinating experience from product use. We have proven our products’ performances with clinical testing and award-winning innovation from various global stages. We aim to deliver satisfying results that you can feel after use.



Combines the ultimate high-performance ingredient, advanced manufacturing technology, and ULife standards to achieve innovative health and beauty products that are enriched with high efficiency.

ULife’s mission has been to improve people’s quality of life

by allowing everyone to become our Business Partner through ULife business. Giving an opportunity for everyone to generate extra income or own a business, without swapping your preferred lifestyle with the right income.

ULife’s mission has been to improve people’s quality of life

by allowing everyone to become our Business Partner through ULife business. Giving an opportunity for everyone to generate extra income or own a business, without swapping your preferred lifestyle with the right income.

Free Delivery for ฿1,500 order

Free Delivery for ฿1,500 order

We deliver within 72 hours
High Quality Products

High Quality Products

We offer only high-quality products
We are available 9:00-19:00

We are available 9:00-19:00

Contact us by chat or phone
100% Secure Payment

100% Secure Payment

Visa, Mastercard

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