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What our members think about ULife

In an era when everything in the world changes rapidly, new business models are created which affected many businesses and careers. Income from one source might not be enough to secure the family’s financial stability. Each person’s life got altered and forced to look for alternative businesses. These people are the real voices from a variety of professions that choose ULife as their alternative business. They earn extra money, plan for wealthy retirement, create a passive income, and manage the balance in time for their family. Let’s see what they think of this fascinated business called ULife.

Everybody says that the career of government officials is stable, but nothing can be underestimated in this era. It is important that one must earn more than one way. I chose to become a business partner with ULife as financial security for my family. I just have to manage the business after work so it won't affect my full-time job.

Chadaporn Butburee

The most important thing for me is to have time with my three children. So, I decided to quit my full-time job to do business with ULife because I can manage my own time with my children as I wanted. I could also take them to business meetings with me. No job allows you to take children to business meetings and also has better income than a full-time job.

Apisama Keerinnon

I want to have a private business, but there's no business that starts with 600 baht investment like ULife. I'm amazed and decided to be ULife's business partner. I spent my free time building the business without leaving my full-time job. Now, I earn five times more than my police officer salary. My goal is to build a million-dollar business for me and my family.

Kampanat Kaeyiwa

When I have children, I'm determined to raise my children on my own. I earned extra money from additional duties at private hospitals, in addition to a full-time job. However, I almost have no personal time, so I have to look for other part-time jobs that allow me to have time to raise my children. After knowing ULife, I can design my own time and, more importantly, I can make unlimited extra income.

Jarupa Mulsena

I nearly died in a car accident which made me realized what I actually want in my life. It made me think that we had to start building a heritage for our child. So, I decided to leave my full-time job and started a business with ULife. I always fell in love with ULife products, so I was confident in the business and determined to make this business a million-dollar inheritance for our children.

Sukanya - Prohmmet Kongratok

In the past, my salary was not enough for the family's expenses. Extra income is needed to cover all costs. After starting a business with ULife, which started as an extra income source, it eventually becomes more than additional income. ULife has transformed my family and opened up my world to world traveling. It is an exceptional life reward.

Paruhas - Wannika Sensai

I'm a state enterprise scholarship student. After graduating, I have to work for my scholarship debt. In the meantime, my grandmother in the countryside needed a caretaker, but if I resign, I have to pay 800,000 baht for my scholarship. Not knowing what I should do, I luckily was introduced to ULife. After that, I earned six figures per month before I turn 30 years old. Consequently, I got the courage to resign from my current job to look after my grandmother and pay for the scholarship faster. Now, I have enough time for my grandmother and enjoy every moment with her.

Nubduen Sangnak

From the beginning, I used ULife products and was impressed by the result and effect on both myself and my family. When I'm confident in the product, I started to study the ULife business. I manage the business after my regular work, during my lunch break, and during holidays. I was very serious about the business. After perceiving it as my extra income source, it turned out to be my main source of income, generating six figures a month, which is 3 times more than my 14 years salary of being a government official.

Saichon Phoromyen

My job didn't have a fixed hour of work. My sleeping time changes all the time and my health started to get worse. So, I decided to start a business with ULife as a backup job when I can no longer be a flight attendant. But who could ever think that the airline would be the one who can no longer proceed due to Covid-19. I was affected by the situation, but ULife has made it possible for me to earn money and take care of my parents. I can't imagine how to get through this crisis without ULife.

Pichayapa Khantibandith

I have only a sixth-grade degree. After graduated, I worked in the factory until I was promoted to supervisor. The turning point of my life was my mother's illness and I got ULife's beyonde Maqui Plus product to make my mother's health better. So, I tried to make an extra income out of the ULife business. Just one year later, my income has double the job that I have been working for 16 years.

Nisarat Inyung

My home business used to go bankrupt. Although now I run an advertising business, I'm still not sure about the security of the business. The reason why I decided to run the ULife business is because of the passive income business model. It closes the door of bankruptcy and transfers it into a property for our children. We get to take care of the health of our loved ones, share business opportunities with others, and earn a wealthy and stable business.

Tunwarat - Yos Oranpulphon

I'm a person who looks for ways to make money during a certain period and it will make money for me forever. In the past, I had no idea what I was looking for is what they called Passive Income. Until I met ULife, whose business model was designed to create passive income. I have the opportunity to experience freedom in time and income.

Aitsara Thunakaeo

When I run my own business, I felt anxious every time I went to travel. But after knowing ULife, it changes everything. I used to think that running a business is hard and takes a lot of energy to understand different people. I got new perspectives from the business. Also, I receive more time to do things I love, my physical and mental health is better. Every day is happiness at ULife.

Pimtacha Chanpuang

I'm a beauty salon owner who was badly hurt by Covid-19 that I had to close my beauty salon. Luckily, I already have ULife as a second income. It's a business that doesn't experience lockdown from Covid-19. I'm happily running the business because it makes both working and traveling works. I can work online wherever I go. It really is a business of happiness.

Aree Kanavanichkij

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