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Eager to go out and live your life, but stuck under a pile of work?

I want to go out and try new things. Do something different and challenging. But stuck to work that filled the table The fact that you have to work hard makes you miss out on great opportunities. In doing things

Wouldn’t it be better if you could earn
while living your desired lifestyle?

just step away from the comfort zone, ULife is ready to help answer all your needs

ULife is a business platform that will bring you to new challenges in life.

Low investment but get satisfying return. Freely choose a business model that best matches with your lifestyle. You can manage it as an extra income, or even make it your main source of income to increase your financial stability. Giving you freedom in time so you can go out and spend every minute of your life as you prefer.

Join us as our “Business Partner.”

In just a few steps, you can quickly create a ULife business that matches perfectly with your lifestyle.
For more information about ULife’s Business Partner CLICK HERE!

Low Investment, Risk Free, but High Growth

Starting at Register Subscription Program

Register for ULife’s Subscription Program. You’ll get The Supporter who will assist your business holistically.

No need to stock inventory

Global Product Research and Development.

Center Offers marketing activities supports

There are
complete systems

Don’t have to hire your own staffs, strong and talented experts provided.

Holistic inventory and logistic provided

All you have to do is just reviewing our products, sharing your product experience with those around you, and telling others about your successful business experience. You can build a team to strengthen your business. Meanwhile, you’ll have our full support that assists you to achieve sustainable success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to succeed! You can be a business owner at ULife TODAY!

Financial and Time Flexibility

Frequently, we work too hard and miss out on many valuable moments in life. Despite how hard you work, the returns never reach your expectation.

If what you’re doing doesn’t meet your lifestyle, looking for something new that matches your lifestyle is a way to go out and enjoy your life to the fullest.

ULife’s a business platform that supports your work-life balance, along with having the best support from experienced experts from ULife. We offer you unlimited financial freedom and time.

A good quality of life that anyone can achieve Join Subscription Program

Grow Your Business through a 360 degree Learning and Development

ULife is a new business model that aims to have true financial freedom without gender, age, or education limitation. Moreover, the business can be passed on to those around you.

Prior business knowledge and experience is not required

because we have ULife Learning Studio, which is designed to strengthen business skills, enhance presentation skills, boost personality development, and build leadership. With a wide range of both offline and online courses as well as various seminars, these developments will groom you to be a well-rounded model that succeeds in all aspects. In addition, we provide you with a personal business coach who will give business advice from day one. You don’t have to struggle by yourself because you’ll start the business with an experienced supporter and a strong, holistic system.

Growing both income and business skills to achieve a stable and wealthy future.

Join Subscription Program

Life Max Plus Plan fully answers your needs for income and lifestyle

Earn limitless income from ULife with Life Max Plus Plan. You will receive rewards in 2 ways: Monthly Bonus and Pool of Funds from ULife.

Subscription Commerce

Ulife employs a burgeoning subscription commerce model to establish and advance businesses, which has gained continuous traction in the global market. This approach extends its reach to every household, offering health and beauty care products via the VIP healthcare program. The comprehensive business platform encompasses a website, sales page, app, and various marketing tools, both online and offline, including on-air and on-site strategies. Crucially, the system also provides coaching and learning resources to efficiently guide aspiring entrepreneurs toward successful ventures.

Pool of Funds

When Business Partners meet the business requirements, they can receive the poolof funds from ULife based on the company’s performance both locally and globally.

Country Pool

  • Housing Fund
  • Business Expansion Fund

World Pool

  • Grow Together Fund
Join Subscription Program

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ULife does not just provide our Business Partners with the income they prefer,

but we intend to fulfill you and your family with valuable life experiences through other life rewards. Meanwhile, enhancing your potential and skills to further strengthen and grow the business. We seek to transform your lives to achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Work-Life Balance Rewards

It is a reward you can enjoy from the beginning of the business. ULife allows you to personally customize your work schedule. Work from anywhere and anytime via our advanced platform. Assisting you to create a perfect combination of work and lifestyle.

Travel Rewards

Expand your life experiences with exclusive international trips where you and your family can spend an unforgettable time together.

Valuable Experience Rewards

Introducing the best life experiences such as a Michelin-starred luxury dinner or a sailing yacht cruise during the perfect bliss of sunset.

Enhancing Potential Rewards

ULife offers the ultimate potential development in all dimensions via ULife Learning Studio courses. Sharpen your business knowledge, strengthen leadership skills, utilize digital tools, and receive healthcare knowledge from professional experts and national speakers.

Successful members

Ordinary people who have transformed their lives to extraordinary with their own hands.
Most have started from zero to, today, millions.

Free Delivery for ฿1,500 order

Free Delivery for ฿1,500 order

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High Quality Products

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We are available 9:00-19:00

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