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What is ULife?

ULife a new business platform for whoever is interested in joining us as our "Business Partner" to earn passive income with our quality health and beauty products. FIND OUT MORE
Fast Start

Fast Start

No prior experience is required here at ULife. Just register as our Business Partner. We will provide holistic supporting platforms for you.
Well - Being Family

Well - Being Family

Apart from having a satisfying income, you can also take good care of your family and yourself through our quality health and beauty products. Health is the greatest wealth and the biggest gift you could ever give to yourself and your loved ones.
Rewarding Life

Rewarding Life

Don't have to choose between work and family because at ULife you can have it all. ULife offers you the balance between wealth, health, and family time. Enjoy the freedom of lifestyle while rewarding your life with trips around the world without affecting your work life.
Retire Rich

Retire Rich

ULife is designed for generating passive income with our leverage business model. Just build your business as a value-added asset and this business will provide you with income at every step of your life. This is the opportunity for you to set your retirement time of your choice.

Member Privileges

Receive exclusive privileges and immensely opportunities for becoming our Business Partner.

Getting special offers, discounts for health and beauty products, cash bonus from gaining more customers and team building, and numerous rewards - exclusive VIP travel trips, seminars, rewarding experiences that you can't find elsewhere.

Join Us

ULife Product

We seek to give a unique and valuable experience to our customers by strengthening health, building confidence, and creating satisfying results through innovative health and beauty products. Every single ingredient is meticulously selected from the best places in the world. Certified best results from credible sources.

Above all, we ensure that we make sustainable living commonplace by reducing our environmental footprint and embedded sustainability across our value chain.


What our members think about ULife

Financial Freedom

Jerry Louise

ULife Business Platform is the key to my financial freedom. I do not have to worry about working capital because I have enough cash flow. ULife is the best business partner. The platform provides every necessity for business investment such as innovative products and product research and development. There are efficient digital sales and traditional sales systems as well as logistic systems. I am able to make 7-figure income monthly because of these total services.

way out

Nueng-ruethai Rattanabuachoom

People who only rely on single income without any other plans may fall down badly when facing unprecedented challenges. Fortunately, I got to know the ULife business. I started simply by using some products to prove if they are effective. I witnessed my own positive results from using the skincare lines and food supplements. 


Thananrat​ Jaraslertsiri

It is a simple fact that profit and loss in business is common. Many entrepreneurs have experienced the Tom Yum Kung financial crisis, flood crisis and very recently COVID-19.


Athipat Thongchan

I believe that many people long for an individual desired lifestyle. I also do. To realise our ideal life, we cannot just sit still and wait for it to happen but we must make it happen.

Ultimate Happiness

Nubduen Sang-nak

When I was a state enterprise employee, I kept asking myself the same question. ‘Is this the right career for me?’ and the answer was always a hundred  percent no.

digital platforms

Pochara Dechapatarawasu

I believe that many people want to have their own business,especially with digital platforms. I am one of those. Luckily, I have found ULife which provides a great support system. I joined the company without any hesitation.

extra income

Oranong Siriwanich

I am one of those who are office workers. However, I also seeked for extra income to create financial stability in the early state of my professional life.

Main Household Income

Paranee Boolong

A fresh graduate’s monthly salary is not enough to provide a good life for my only daughter. My husband and I had two choices. We either generate more income or downsize our dreams. We chose the first and decided to keep going forward.


Good friendship and warm society might be overlooked by many businesses, but ULife looks up to its importance and designs our business model accordingly.

Our business model focused on supporting each other and sharing success with one another. Meeting new friends with the same passion, expanding business skills through engaging activities, sharing valuable experiences, and deliver positive energy to each other. With this business model, we'll create a warm and welcoming community that is filled with exceptional friendships.

Free Delivery for ฿1,500 order

Free Delivery for ฿1,500 order

We deliver within 72 hours
High Quality Products

High Quality Products

We offer only high-quality products
We are available 9:00-19:00

We are available 9:00-19:00

Contact us by chat or phone
100% Secure Payment

100% Secure Payment

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