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Prevent hair loss! Strengthen your hair with HairMune Shampoo and Conditioner.

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

This is the most commonly asked question by people facing problems of hair loss. Introducing a new, innovative shampoo and conditioner designed for root-to-tip care for the hair and scalp to restore the hair’s strength, preventing hair loss while reducing damaged hair. HairMune, a hair care product to keep you and your hair happy.

A weak scalp may be the cause of your hair and scalp problems!

Often times, we wonder what causes hair loss, dry or lackluster hair. Did you know that these problems are triggered by various factors? Examples include:




Exposure to UV from Sunlight


Air Pollution


Salty or fatty foods


Consumption of antibiotics




Shampoos and conditioners that contain strong chemicals


Contain strong chemicals

All of these factors cause the scalp’s immune system to be weaker, resulting in microbiome imblance on the scalp. This is one of the main reasons for weaker scalp and hair health, leading to problems such as dryness, peeling on the scalp, itching, dandruff, weaker hair roots and a higher chance of hair fall.


What are microbiomes? What role does it play in scalp and hair balance?

Microbiomes are tiny microorganisms that help regulate the microorganisms’ ecosystem on the skin - this includes the scalp. They are also more commonly known as probiotics, a type of organism we are born with and plays a key role in the body. This little organism helps to balance the skin and scalp’s ecosystem, where a perfect microbiome must consist of the following 3 things:

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน


a healthy source of nutrients for probiotic microorganisms

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน


health-friendly microorganisms

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน


nutrients that are a byproduct of healthy microorganisms which help to strengthen the skin and scalp’s immune system.

For people with problems or hair loss or damaged hair, maintaining the scalp’s microbiome balance will help to create a strong and protective shield on the scalp. Thus, resulting in healthier roots and hair.

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

aviance HairMune : shampoo and conditioner 

that helps to strengthen the scalp, reduce damage and hair loss; for beautiful, healthy hair every day.

 the only shampoo and conditioner that combines 2 leading technology formulas from aviance for root-to-tip care of the hair and scalp. The products also containmicrobiome, C2G technology and vitamins. It can be used to reduce scalp dryness, itchiness, and hair loss by repairing damaged hair.

C2G technology designed for in-depth skin and scalp care: technology exclusive to aviance, with plankton and red seaweed that is carefully extracted to help the body absorb nutriets at a cellular and genetic level. All for the purpose of strengthening and hydrating the hair and scalp.

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

Microbiome Technology

a patented technology from aviance that combines prebiotics, nutrients of healthy microorganisms (probiotics) extracted from oats beta glucan, and postbiotics derived from bio-fermentation technology. All combined to help strengthen the scalp without the need to add additional probiotic microorganisms. This helps to avoid disturbing the balance of the microbiome ecosystem that exists naturally on the scalp.

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

Scalp & Hair Vitamin B5, C, E

combination for healthier scalp and hair. These vitamins help to hydrate the scalp and strengthen hair, making it soft and shiny, while also being an antioxidant preventing dry and damaged hair.

Experiencing hair loss, dryness or in need of caring for your hair after coloring? What shampoo and conditioner should you use?

Recommending a shampoo and conditioner that reduces problems of  hair loss and damaged hair: combining exclusive premium hair care formulas from aviance C2G + Microbiome, along with hair vitamins for nourishment. Moreover, it is scented with fragrant plants, giving the feeling of freshness and relaxation as if you’re in the midst of a flower garden.

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

aviance HairMune Deep Nourishing Shampoo (480 ml.)

Developed with Intense Formula, an innovative shampoo for strengthening your "hair’s immunity" with root-to-tip care for the scalp and hair.

With its texture being in the form of a soft foam, it can easily be rinsed off and is perfect for daily use. With a pH balance of 5.5, the shampoo deeply but gently cleanses dirt that clings on to both the scalp and hair. It helps to keep hair moisturized,voluminous, frizz-free while also preserving the hair color for longer. Moreover, the shampoo also reduces hair loss by strengthening the scalp.

aviance HairMune Deep Nourishing Conditioner (480 ml.)

Innovative hair conditioner with Intense Formula and. a "serum texture" which is nourishing but light on the hair, promoting healthy hair from root to tip.

Innovative conditioner with a serum texture that is more nourishing than other conventional conditioners. It can also be deeply absorbed into the hair without feeling sticky or difficult to wash out, resulting in soft, hydrated, voluminous and frizz-free hair with longer lasting color.

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

Recommended usage for aviance HairMune shampoo and conditioner:

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

Short hair: 2-3 pumps of shampoo and conditioner per use

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

Long hair: 4 pumps of shampoo and conditioner per use

In addition, to effectively promote healthy hair, Aviance HairMoon can also be used in combination with other hair care products from aviance. For more details on other Aviance hair care products. Click here

ยาสระผมลดผมร่วง_อาวียองซ์ แฮร์มูน

Making you happy with your hair everyday. Strengthen your hair and scalp’s “immunity”. Equip yourself for all activities that you intend to do with HairMune’s strengthening, hair loss-reducing shampoo and conditioner.

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