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Simple and effective tips to deal with unpleasant body odor


Keep clean consistently

Bathing twice a day with bath soap will help to eliminate sweat, odor, and bacteria.

Plus, refreshing your body from the hot air. Most importantly, you must dry your body, especially the underarms, after every shower. Also, replace and wash the used towels every 2-3 days to reduce the accumulation of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor.


Use a roll-on to nourish and deodorize the skin

Using roll-on effectively reduces perspiration and deodorizing the armpit area during the day.

aviance Confidence , an anti-perspiration & deodorant roll-on with Nano Active+ innovation that has 24-hour anti-bacterial properties that protect against odors without leaving white stains. Nourishing the underarm to appears smoother and more radiant with collagen that is irritation tested by dermatologists.


Can use a scrub, even on non-face areas

Using body scrubs at sweaty spots or smelling areas is another way to reduce body odor.

Scrubs help to remove old skin cells that are the source of bacteria. This is another way to reduce the smell by fixing the problem at its origin while nourishing your skin to appear smoother.


Clean clothes are always better

Used or worn clothing should not be reused if you haven't washed it yet. Although there are no obvious sweat stains, do you know that these clothes are accumulated with bacteria? When invisible bacteria and impurities are combined with sweat, it can cause unpleasant odors.

Therefore, always wear washed clothes to reduce the problem of unpleasant odor.


Avoid food with strong odors.

Another major factor of unpleasant odors is eating spicy and strong odor food such as garlic, onions, spices, and some types of medicine.

These types of food create a strong smell from within and drain it out during sweating. So, if you don’t want to have an unpleasant odor, avoid or reduce these types of food.


Besides, you should maintain your body weight at the standard level. Carry tissues to absorb the unpleasant odor regularly. By following these tips, despite the hot weather, the unpleasant odor will no longer lower your confidence.

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