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5 Methods for Damage-Free and Longer-Lasting Colored Hair with HairMune

ดูแลผม หลังทําสี_ULife ดูแลผม หลังทําสี_ULife

For anyone that likes to change their look frequently with regular hair coloring, doing it often could result in a worsened hair and scalp condition. Anyone who enjoys changing their hair color must not miss out the secrets on how to take care of hair after coloring, as well as how to make colored hair last longer without fading or drying out. Here are 5 methods that everyone needs to know about how to care for hair after coloring.

5 Methods for Longer-Lasting and Damage-Free Colored Hair

ดูแลผม หลังทําสี_ULife

1. Do not wash your hair frequently, or immediately after coloring.

The first thing you shouldn’t do after coloring your hair is to wash it right away. This is due to the fact that after the hair coloring process, the hair is transitioning into its new color. If you wash your hair immediately it will cause the new hair color to wear off. It is better to wait at least 3-4 days or about 72 hours before washing your hair. Moreover, try to avoid washing your hair too often because doing so will dry out the hair, causing the hair color to peel off.

2. Use shampoo and conditioner specifically made for colored hair.

Conventional shampoos and conditioners may not be suitable for recently color-treated hair, as they are developed for the purpose of hair wash only. This directly affects the color-treated hair, making it more susceptible to drying out, causing the color to fade easily. Therefore, the best way to take care of your hair after coloring is to use products specifically for colored hair. This is because in addition to nourishing the hair, they also help the hair color last longer. The best products for color-treated hair must have vitamins that deeply nourish both the scalp and hair to keep it moisturized. It should also contain both prebiotics and postbiotics that help to maintain microbiome balance. This will help strengthen the scalp and reduce hair loss.

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Aviance HairMune shampoo and conditioner combine the most advanced technologies to help nourish and moisturize the scalp. It also contains vitamins and microbiomes, which help to nourish the hair and strengthen the scalp. Both products utilize an innovative hair color-lock technology that makes your colored hair last longer without drying it out. For more details on each product, click here.

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3. Hydrating hair treatments

Colored hair usually becomes dry due to the fact that the moisture in the hair is stripped off. Therefore, hair should be treated post-coloring with a special hair coloring treatment. Alternatively, using a clay treatment at least 1-2 times a week and leaving it in your hair after shampooing for about 30 minutes will allow the treatment to absorb into your hair. This helps to take care of dry and damaged hair from coloring, thus making it soft and smooth. Furthermore, it also helps to nourish the hair color to have a long-lasting and beautiful shine without dryness or split ends.

4. Be cautious of heat

Heat is a major contributor to hair dryness. Therefore, after hair coloring, hair should be washed with cold water. If warm or hot water is used, the newly colored hair can strip off easily, last for a shorter period of time, or even change color. Therefore, rinsing your hair with cold or normal temperature water will help to maintain your hair color for longer. Moreover, you should avoid using a hair dryer or hair straightener with high heat settings, as they can further remove moisture out of the hair and cause damage to it.
If heat is required, it is recommended to use heat protectant products prior to heat exposure. Furthermore, try to avoid sunlight by wearing a hat or avoid walking in the sun to help protect the newly color-treated hair from the sun.

ดูแลผม หลังทําสี_ULife
ดูแลผม หลังทําสี_ULife

5. Nourish your hair with oil and leave-in conditioners regularly.

In addition to the previous tips recommended, you should nourish your hair with a special hair oil to further care for the newly colored hair. After using a hair treatment, apply natural oils such as olive oil, or a leave-in conditioner. When used with the hair treatment, it will help provide shine, volume, hydration and strength to the hair.

aviance HairMune
combining two technologies for "strengthening  hair immunity"

Maintain a healthy scalp and hair from root to tip, while retaining your hair color.

How can we treat the common problem of hair dryness that comes with colored hair? One common causes of brittle hair or hair loss are due microbiome imbalance on the scalp. aviance has developed a pH 5.5 shampoo and conditioner that can deeply nourish while still being gentle on the hair and scalp. It uses new technologies specially formulated to nourish the hair from root to tip.

มากิ พลัส_มากิพลัส
ดูแลผม หลังทําสี_ULife

1. C2G Technology: the signal for skin repair

It is an innovation that deeply treats the hair and scalp at a cellular and genetic level. Root-to-tip care for healthy scalp and hair.

2. Microbiome Technology: strengthener for the immune system

A unique combination of prebiotics and postbiotics to assist the creation of an ideal environment for healthy skin microorganisms, while also restoring microbiome balance and strengthening the scalp’s immunity.

In addition to the 2 technologies, the products contain vitamin B5, C and E that add hydration to the hair and scalp, resulting in healthy, soft and shiny hair. The Intense Formula nourishment helps to nourish colored hair, preventing it from dryness or damage, resulting in moisturized, strong and long-lasting colored hair.

In conclusion, these are the 5 ways to take care of hair for those who like to color their hair to try out different looks. Be happy with your hair everyday with aviance HairMune.

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