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The Easy Way for Fitter Exercise

No matter which sport you play, how much energy you spend, the only goal is to have a strong, healthy body. It’s no surprise everyone is getting into running a marathon.

No matter which sport you play, how much energy you spend, the only goal is to have a strong, healthy body. It’s no surprise everyone is getting into running a marathon, practicing yoga, swimming, or joining a triathlon. A new lifestyle trend is happening where your body and heart is the focus. Start from choosing healthy food, stopping unhealthy behaviors and exercising appropriately and regularly.

According to fitness gurus, it is very easy to boost your fitness effectively. Simply bear in mind the 5 components of physical fitness: cardio respiratory endurance; muscular strength; muscular endurance; balanced composition of muscle, bone and fat; and flexibility of body, muscle and connective tissue for full ranges of motion.

But when the work-life balance doesn’t allow us to exercise as regularly as we wish, sometimes our fitness level might go down. That’s why we need some help so that it doesn’t take long to restart our fitness and recover after exercise as usual. Boosting our Vo2 Max, for instance.

Why Vo2 Max Matters?

Vo2 Max (Maximal Oxygen Consumption) is a physical fitness measurement method widely used in global healthcare practice and sports medicine. It measures the amount of oxygen used per kilogram of body weight per minute during exercise. According to the test results, a fit person will have higher Vo2 Max than people in general. That means each minute their heart can pump more efficiently and can deliver a larger amount of blood to their body. As their body gets more oxygen, their muscles can use the oxygen fully.

Therefore, the higher Vo2 Max, the better body efficiency, the stronger and better endurance, the longer you can exercise, and the less fatigue and soreness.

A New Alternative to Make Your Workout More Effective

1. Choose the product that helps boost Vo2 Max

A test has been conducted among 78 product users aged 25-55 with low oxygen consumption rate (low endurance). After taking the supplement capsules for 1 month, they were made to exercise for approximately 30 minutes with increasing intensity. It was found that the test subjects had better performance and endurance, could exercise longer, and suffered less fatigue and soreness. The result was clearly visible in 2 weeks and continued to improve.

2. Choose the supplement whose main ingredients

Choose the supplement whose main ingredients include pycnogenol, which is a French maritime pine bark extract, and arginine, an amino acid found in everyday food. Both play an important role in improving heart health and strengthening blood vessels. They also help with muscle development, fat burning, anti-ageing hormone releasing, and immune function enhancement.

For Your Fitness, Take Care of Your Body Every Day

Supplement regularly: to improve exercise effectiveness for both men and women Dosage: 1 packet every day, after any meal (or split into 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening)

Tips: After a period of continued use, you can add 1 more packet 30 minutes before workout. Or increase to 2 packets per day in the morning and evening when you want to maximize your exercise effectiveness.

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