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5 Simple Exercises to Trim Down Belly Fat

ลดพุง_ULife ลดพุง_ULife

Problems with belly fat may occur regardless of how much you eat. This causes many to lose confidence when dressing up, making them unable to show their personality. In this article, we invite everyone to take better care of themselves and enhance their confidence through exercises to help you achieve a flat belly within 21 days.


Understanding Belly Fat Prior to Getting Rid of it

Firstly, we have to understand that we have muscles in the inner layer of the abdominal area, but also a layer of fat underneath the skin. Therefore, most belly fat we can visibly see is the fat layer under the skin. As a result, to reduce belly fat in the abdomen, we must first start with the removal of fat in that area. Additionally, if you want your abdomen muscles to show after removing the excess fat, then it is necessary to continue building the muscles in that area.

The first step in reducing belly fat or to lose weight is to avoid foods and beverages that are high in fat, trans fat, carbs and sugar. Instead, consume foods that are high in protein and fiber. These foods are not only filling but can also help build muscle and improve your digestive system. The next step is to start working out with exercises that help burn off that fat layer in the abdominal area. Therefore, we have 5 exercises that can be easily done at home to help reduce belly fat and flatten out your stomach.

5 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat and Achieve a Flat Stomach

ลดพุง_ท่าออกกำลังกายลดพุง_Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber & Twist

This is one of the high plank moves that help burn fat, specifically in the abdominal area. Start by lying on your stomach and pushing yourself onto a plank position before aligning both arms to the shoulder so that it is parallel to the floor. Twist your body to pull one knee up to the opposite elbow as close to your chest as possible before returning back to plank. Switch to the alternating side and repeat; do this for at least 50 seconds. Additionally, while doing the exercise, do not forget to contract your abdominal muscles and remember to keep your body straight.

ลดพุง_ท่าออกกำลังกายลดพุง_Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks

For this exercise, begin by lying on your back. Place both hands under the buttocks and raise your legs to kick the air in an alternating motion left and right. The kicked leg must not touch the ground after descending; set the timer to 50 seconds. While kicking, try to contract the abdominal muscles to increase effectiveness in losing belly fat.

ลดพุง_ท่าออกกำลังกายลดพุง_Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch

The next exercise is similar to the flutter kicks, but is replaced with double leg raises. Start by laying on your back with both hands placed on the floor. Raise your legs up while pointing your feet towards the ceiling, lift your hip and lower your legs back down to the starting position. While pushing your hips and legs up, try to keep your abdominal muscles contracted. Carry out this exercise for 50 seconds with 15 seconds of rest before moving onto the next exercise.


ลดพุง_ท่าออกกำลังกายลดพุง_High knee & Trunk rotate

High knee & Trunk rotate

Let’s now switch it up to a standing exercise. Stand with your feet slightly apart and clasp your hands together out front. Raise your knee one side at a time, trying to get it as high as your chest whilst twisting your body and pulling in the opposite arm to your knee. Switch sides and set the timer for 50 seconds. This move uses a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories in the process. It also helps tighten the abdominal muscles, thighs and hips while reducing belly fat as well.

ลดพุง_ท่าออกกำลังกายลดพุง_Side crush to leg raise

Side crush to leg raise

Finally, our last exercise to help lose belly fat. It is still a standing exercise that is not difficult to do. Start in a standing position with feet slightly apart similar to the high knee & trunk rotate exercise, then bring your hands together at the nape of the neck. Lift one leg, kick it out to the side before raising the knee to the elbow. Repeat this for 25 seconds, before switching sides. Do the same on the other side for 25 seconds in order to complete the set. In addition to helping to reduce belly fat, this exercise also helps to slim down the waist.

ลดพุง_IG Berry_M-Ex

Supplements That Help Reduce Belly Fat Quickly and Safely 

An important tip for those who have just started working out is that if you feel tired and out of breath during each exercise, do not hold your breath. Try to practice breathing in and out slowly because it will make you less tired. This helps you exercise for longer and reduces belly fat more effectively. Introducing IG berry , a ready-to-brew health food supplement powder drink extracted from 100% Indian gooseberry to help you to care for your health by controlling your sugar and starch levels from food consumed. Along with M-Ex , a dietary supplement that assists with exercise to help enhance fat burning while increasing your fitness level. With the additional VO2Max consumed, your body will be less tired thus keep you working out for longer to effectively maximize the fat burn. Just by adding these 2 simple supplements, you can transform your belly fat into a flat belly.

To conclude, these are 5 exercises and some tips to help you reduce belly fat. Be sure you are disciplined by following this advice continuously for at least 21 days, and your belly fat will disappear to become a flat belly.

References ท่าออกกำลังกายลดพุง Booky HealthyWorld

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